Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Easily using sourceforge's cvs

Everytime I do it for the first time it's like a pain. So, I'm gonna let everything one needs to know in this post

Firstly, you'll need to create this enviroment variable to save your typing everytime you need to cast a command. So, edit your ~/.bashrc file and add this line to it:


Now, exchange dannyxyz22 for your account in sourceforge and change myproject for your project name.
Then, you'll have to create a directory for your files. You'll make it through the import command.
Suppose you are at ~/develop/ and that your project is under ~/develop/myproject . Simply type the following:

cvs import -m "test" myproject myproject-vendortag myproject-releasetag

Where -m "test" is your log message, myproject is your project and vendortag and release tags are only strings for these tags.

Now, your files will be uploaded.

The rest of the process is simple. Everytime you need to add files to your project, go to a clear directory and check out the whole project through:

cvs co myproject

Then your project will appear as a subdirectory. Now, add files through:

cvs add file.cpp

Don't forget to make a commit, else your files won't be permanently added to your project.

cvs commit

Now, it's only fun!

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