Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some studies about Zipf's law and genes

Well, actually, I only needed somewhere to upload this picture :)
If you want to check my reports about the genequad project on Summer of Code, you'll get a good clue of what it's about :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trick to change octave's plot background

Well, I was trying to change octave's plot background, but I found no easy way, so I changed the way gnuplot is called (gnuplot is the program octave calls to plot the graphics). Simply go to /usr/bin, log as root, and backup gnuplot as
cp gnuplot gnuplot.bak

Rename it to gnuplot1:
mv gnuplot gnuplot1

Now create the script gnuplot by typing
emacs gnuplot

Create this script:

/usr/bin/gnuplot1 -background white

Add execution permission through chmod +x gnuplot

It will make a standard call to gnuplot change to gnuplot -background white, which will change your plots background in octave.
If you have a better way to do this, please leave me a comment
Have fun :)