Friday, August 29, 2008

EHCI Final Report

Official EHCI project site

Well, it's the end of Google Summer of Code, and I need to say that it was great to be with Natural User Interface Group and with Google support.

As one of the last features that was missing was the ability to browse through an image with the hands, I'd like to post this video here:

The most recent updates since last blog post are the windows binaries, as well as new hand interaction demo.

Windows binaries 6 degrees of freedom head tracking download. This version was compiled without OpenMP support, so it's running way slower than the source one compiled with OpenMP support. It means that it won't work as fine as in Linux.
UPDATE: This new version supports OpenMP

From the updated planning, the features in red have been completed since it was re-planned: (features in blue have been removed from project planning)

1st Month:

Hand and Head tracking. 3D head tracking class. Small OpenGL demos.

2nd Month:

Body tracking, and gesture recognition classes. Zoom and rotation features. Documentation of classes through tutorials, code documentation and demos

3rd Month:

Motion flow and 3d model wireframe tracking classes. Documentation. Project packaging through Google Summer of Code and Natural User Interface sites.
Packaging in Natural User Interface site is supposed to happen in September 3th.

In the end, most of the initially planned features have been implemented and documented.

I'd like to thank:
Everyone from OpenCV project (for creating this amazing library)
Pawel Solyga, NUI (for being such a great mentor)
Thomás Cavichioli Dias, ITA (for teaching me how to use OpenCV as well as for giving me depth information on how to use and create cascade classifiers)
Juan Wachs, BGU, Israel (for creating hand detection cascade)
Stefano Fabri, Sapienza - Università di Roma (for all the interesting papers, articles and attention)
Roman Stanchak, OpenCV (for all the help with Swig and Python interfaces)
Len Van Der Westhuizen (for creating and releasing the head model used throughout the project)
Vincent Lepetit, Computer Vision laboratory, EPFL (for the great survey and advices)
Mike Nigh (for the Irrlicht work)
Jared Contrascere, Bowling Green (for the OpenCV/Ehci/Windows work)
my professors at Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (for all the knowledge taught)
Johnny Chung Lee, Carnegie Mellon (for his great ideas with Wii)
everyone else that I'm unfortunately forgetting, and
my girlfriend Kathy, family and friends (for supporting me through the project),
and, of course, God, Who has given me the strength, love and support to carry this project!


Thomas Dias said...

Bom saber q vc lembrou de agradecer pelo hand-tracking do OpenCV! :(

Pedro Cavaléro said...

Muito loco esse teu tema. Bloga no CoderSJC um link pra cá tb!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it looks great, however I can´t make it run (it shows an error of paralel config).
However I was wondering, is it possible to create a data stream or some realtime output to connect it to FLASH? Like some of the multi-touch intrfaces that are over the web...
I dont´have the programming capabilites to do that, I do actionscript.

If possible mail me

pablo said...

Hi Daniel, I downloaded ehci-6dof-demo-Windows-0.4(OpenMP).zip but when I run the exe I get "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

Do you know why is this happening. I am running it on Windows XP SP2


Daniel Lélis Baggio said...

Hi Pablo,
it's a pity this error is happening.
I've checked this thread:
It seems it has got something to do with dynamic linking and OpenMP.
You could maybe try the suggested methods, but I'll try to compile a new version pretty soon.
If you succeed, please post us back :)

PAblo said...

I downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package from and I was able to "run" the program. Unfortunately it is veeeery slow and uses a lot of cpu(core 2 duo 7200) so I cant get it working smoothly.

Daniel Lélis Baggio said...

Hi Pablo, thanks for your hint.

It's weird it's too slow. It should be running in around 10-15 frames per second.

One of the main bottlenecks of the program is the frame acquisition part, which most relies on your camera hardware.

If you could try another webcam, it might increase the performance.

Thanks again,

bhatti said...

hi danny
how r u?
brother i want to get help from u i have a project "FACE RECONITION"
which i have done it before june 20
i want to get a code on MATLAB or some other plateform.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel, I downloaded ehci-6dof-demo-Windows-0.4(OpenMP).zip but when I run the exe I get some error.
I downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package but still get some error.

Do you know why is this happening. I am running it on Windows XP SP2.