Wednesday, August 06, 2008

EHCI Updates - Version 0.4 has just been released

(check project site at
EHCI (Enhanced Human Computer Interface) now features packaging through a tarball. Installation is supposed to be as simple as configure, make, make install. Besides easier installation, the new version has several features, like:

- New features:
  • Hand detection/tracking: now users can interact with the computer using their hands (notice that no accessory besides an ordinary web cam is being used).

The result can also be seen in a noisier environment in this video.

  • Enhanced lightning model/more robust algorithm: this video shows the new lightning model, as well as the 6 degrees of freedom head tracking in a noisy environment.
- New API:
  • EHCI's new API focuses simple functions, so that developers can completely abstract the OpenCV layer. Example functions:
- Installation procedure:
  • Autotools based installation is now available: a simple ./configure ./make ./make install should be enough to get developers able to use EHCI library
  • A distribution tarball is easily downloadable from ehci project site

- Updated documentation:
  • new demos (simple2d and simple3d)
  • cleaned up code (boxView3d and 6dofhead have been cleaned up)
  • tutorials have been posted on project wiki
  • the project now features doxygen documentation

- Robust algorithms:
  • 6 degrees of freedom now considers up to 200 feature points to track, which provides better tracking
  • Enhancements to the algorithm have been researched and are on the way and documented
- Lightning model working:
  • 6 degrees of freedom sample now considers normals for accurate lighting
  • Blending functions as well as a single glut layer have been added
- Tagged versions:
  • SVN tag directory is being updated accordingly
- Python bindings:
  • Python bindings are on the way. SWIG is being researched, as well as some drafts have been developed.

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