Thursday, December 04, 2008

Adobe Flex and Flash Face detection library

I'm interested in developing a flex or flash library that could be used for face detection or augmented reality. I haven't found any on the web so far.
Just wondering how many of you are also looking for it.


James said...

There is the FLARtoolkit for augmented reality (video -

When it comes to face detection, there has been talk of porting openCV to Actionscript using the Alchemy toolkit (

Pedro Cavaléro said...

Hey, have you been improving your ehci framework? Are you thinking about integrating it for java use?

James said...

Talking about Java, there also is Merapi ( that bridges Flash and Java.

Steve said...

So I'm a month late.
There are a couple of face detection as3 libraries. I wrote one of them.

There's also marilena, but I haven't played with that personally yet.

Both are based on OpenCV, or at least the Viola/Jones Haar cascade algorithm, and OpenCV classifier xmls are directly compatible

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Anonymous said...

yes we are in a serious requirement for this

ashish said...

have a look here for face detection library for flash as 3.0

ashish said...

Find here solution.library for face detection in flash using as 3.0