Sunday, April 06, 2008

Google SoC 2008 Work Schedule

1st Month:
* Hand tracking/gesture:
1st week: * Study and implement Viola-Jones paper for hands
2nd week: * Study and implement Flock-of-features
3rd week: * Study and implement posture recognition and hand gestures
4th week: * Test features and integrate developed code in an easily accessible C++ class. Show zoom and rotate functionalities.

2nd Month:

* Head and body tracking
1st week: * Facade classes for OpenCV already implemented head and body tracking.
2nd week: * Study and implement head distance information.
3rd week: * Combine 2d head tracking and head distance, so that 3d head tracking is done.
4th week: * Integration tests and integrated classes. Deliver small OpenGL based demos and tutorials on how to use the framework.

3rd Month:
* Motion flow and augmented reality
1st week: * Create easy to access objects that react to motion flow, similar to the ones I've developed here:
2nd week: * Study and implement 3d model tracking through wireframes
3rd week: * Integrate developed research in easily accessible classes and write documentation.
4th week: * Time to develop side projects as packaging TouchLib for Linux or to use in case prior time wasn't enough for some features.

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