Monday, January 26, 2009

In the middle of bits, PWMs, wires, resin, and electromagnetic waves, TORP (CP01) was born...

January, 25th, around 8:00 pm, during Campus Party 2009, that's when TORP was firstly fully assembled for the first time.
The project aimed at building the first humanoid open source robot in Brazil and it was called TORP (
The idea was to create a robot that would work as a study platform whose modules would be able to be hot plugged and they could also be interchangeable, since it's hard to unplug a hand from one robot and to couple it to another because of the lack of standards.
Without prior support from public research funds, CP01 (the name of the first assembled version of TORP) was sponsored by several institutes and industries, namely: E3 Futura, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Universidade do Estado de São Paulo, Micropress, RIMA and Campus Party.
For more information about the project, I'd suggest taking a look at .
I'd really like to thank everyone from the team (please remind me if I've forgotten someone, specially contributers from Campus Party, whose names I couldn't take note):
Alan Morgensztern, Alexandre Simões, Esther Colombini, Guilherme Andrade, Jackson Paul Matsuura, Kauê Silva, Maira, Marcelo Franchin, Melissa Sanchez Freitas, Paulo Vitor Lima, Rafael Ribeiro da Silva, Rafael Toschi Chiafarelli, Ronaldo Carrion, Victor Nalin, and my girlfriend Kathy for all the support. Thanks for my bro and Dé for being there as well :)
And thank You, God, of course, for everything running smoothly :)

If there's anyone interested in the lecture about Computer Vision, here's a link to it (Portuguese only... in case you want it in English, please leave a comment):

I've tried to gather all news about the project here:,,OI3470641-EI12933,00.html

For photos:

Please, leave your comment about TORP, we'd love to hear your feedback!


Pedro Cavaléro said...

Grande Baggio!
Parabéns mais uma vez! (acho q nao canso de t desejar parabens) Torço pra que o Projeto de futuro!

João Vitor Romero said...

Baggio, achei muito fera essa idéia de projeto aberto de um robô. Parabéns!

Será que tem alguma parte mais MEC do que COMP com a qual eu possa contribuir? Estou interessado em conhecer melhor o programa e estou dando uma olhada nos sites.


João (Maguaras)

goodeda1122 said...
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