Monday, February 11, 2008

GPUWire - A GPU implementation of the livewire image segmentation algorithm

This video shows one of the results of my master thesis which is a solution to the Single Source Shortest Path problem through the use of a GPU.
The idea belongs to the field of GPGPU and my approach was using the GPU in order to parallely expand vertices just like the Delta-stepping algorithm.
Source code, as well as my master thesis can be found at
The GPU API used was NVidia's CUDA.

I'm currently making small corrections to the thesis text as well as trying to clean up the code.
It's interesting to notice that the GUI used is Qt. I'll probably post an entry explaining how to glue CUDA and Qt.
If you're interested, please leave me a comment.

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Viet Kiem said...

Did you compare your result with seeded region growing?
I as found many paper uses SRG for segmentation in GPU, so I'm interesting about that.